Covid cases top 75 lakh as slowdown continues

NEW DELHI: India’s Covid-19 case count went past the 75-lakh mark on Sunday, 33 days after the tally..

NEW DELHI: India’s Covid-19 case count went past the 75-lakh mark on Sunday, 33 days after the tally had crossed 50 lakh. India is the second country after the US to reach the grim milestone. However, the slowdown in the pandemic was evident as the previous rise of 25 lakh cases had taken just 32 days.
The slowdown was evident in the daily numbers as well. On Sunday, India reported 57,174 fresh cases and 590 deaths, the first time in 90 days that the daily death toll had fallen below 600, as per data collated from state governments.
This was also the first time since August 5 that the daily tally had fallen below 60,000 on a day other than Monday (when numbers drop sharply due to low testing and processing on weekends).
India’s Covid-19 caseload had hit 50 lakh on September 15, when the pandemic was at its peak in the country. India recorded its highest count of daily cases on September 17, when 98,795 infections were reported, as per TOI’s database.
The country also reported its highest daily death toll around the same time — 1,275 on September 15. Since then, both cases and fatalities have been steadily dropping despite a further loosening up of restrictions related to the pandemic.
Covid-19 cases as well as deaths from the virus in India had been continuously rising till mid-September. This implies that the country has yet seen just one peak of the pandemic, unlike the US which appears to be in the midst of a third phase of rise in cases. Most of Europe too is witnessing a second Covid wave.
India is in the company of Brazil among countries that haven’t yet witnessed a second wave.
While daily cases have been generally falling across Indian states over the past month, Bengal has bucked the trend. The state reported 3,983 fresh infections on Sunday, its highest single-day count so far.
The pandemic in Kerala, which had seen a big surge this month, too appears to be slowing. The state reported 7,631 cases on Sunday, down from 9,106 on the previous day. Kerala had recorded a high of 11,755 fresh cases on October 10. Delhi, the other state that had seen a rise in cases in recent days recorded 3,299 new infections, around the same as on Saturday.
Fresh cases dropped below 10,000 in Maharashtra after five days. The state registered 9,060 cases anRead More – Source

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