Texas deputy killed in fatal crash by suspected drunk driver: police

Texas deputy killed in fatal crash by suspected drunk driver: police

Texas authorities are investigating a fatal crash Saturday evening that resulted in the on-duty death of a sheriff’s deputy, officials said.

The incident may have been caused by a drunk driver, Captain McConnell of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Vehicular Crimes Division said, FOX 26 of Houston reported.

“My heart is hurting,” McConnell said. “I just ask you that you pray for the family and the friends of this constable.”
“Tonight we have a hero that died,” he added. “Every agency out here has a DWI unit, and we’re fighting people like this to get ’em off the streets.”

McConnell said the unidentified female constable had recently left a call when she was dispatched to look out for a suspected drunk driver.
After receiving the call, the constable parked on the side of the highway, when the suspected driver she was looking for wrecked his F-550 truck into the constable’s vehicle, McConnell said. The constable’s vehicle immediately burst into flames, according to the report.
The driver was believed to be intoxicated and a witness, who called in the suspected driver, prevented him from fleeing the scene, McConnell said.

There is an ongoing investigation to determine the intoxication level of the driver.

The deputy’s death comes just days after an off-duty deputy was shot and killed by three suspects while he was grocery shopping with his family.

Joshua Stewart, Fredarius Clark, and Frederick Tardy were arrested in connection with the death of Texas Deputy Darren Almendarez. All three face capital murder charges.

source: https://www.foxnews.com/us/texas-deputy-killed-fatal-crash-drunk-driver-police

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