The Pursuit Of The American Dream

The Pursuit Of The American Dream

The North American Leader Summit has reached the age of majority since it has been held since 2005 as a sample of regional cooperation between the United States, Mexico and Canada, the region known as North America, although in the case of Mexicans , it is not always clear if we are from the north or south.

The meeting held today in Mexico City, after those held in Waco, USA (2005), Cancun, Mexico (2006), Montebello, Canada (2007), New Orleans, USA (2008), Guadalajara , Mexico (2009), Washington DC, USA (2012), Toluca, Mexico (2014), Ottawa, Canada (2016), Washington DC, USA (2021), has allowed governments to identify the priorities that are as a block and Region, in addition to establishing objectives and defining lines that allow reaching agreements.

Working of The Regions Community

However, after so many meetings, the region continues to work unevenly, of course, we could not only talk about the summits have not been successful enough but also of other factors that have to do with the asymmetries of the nations and that are not willing To match circumstances, but, from their contexts they can cooperate in the issues that are relevant to all, and nothing else.

In fact, it is not easy for the same results to have every time the leaders of the three nations meet since there has been no desired continuity in Nation projects, especially in Mexico. That is, from the first summit, there in 2005, in our nation there have been four different models of government that have not been able to give continuity to the presidential, nor internally, or externally, so that it neither Fox, nor Calderón, Calderón, Neither Peña, nor López Obrador were interested in continuing with what is proposed by their predecessors.

Situation of US

However, the situation of the United States has not been so different either, because the proposals of the four presidents that have passed in these 18 years have had important divergences because the ideas of government and international and regional cooperation were not always the same to throughout the governments of Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden.

In fact, at some point, this summit seemed to have entered into a coma after they had to spend five years to reactivate and that, diplomatically, cooperation between the three most powerful nations on the continent was implemented again. For them, it is important to remember that the American dream is always linked to this region by the numbers it represents, in addition to the geopolitical and geostrategic positioning at the global level.

At the last meeting, the three heads of state (Biden, López Obrador and Trudeau) spoke in favor of ending the pandemic, to promote world health, the promotion of competitiveness, to create conditions for equitable growth, of the Recognition of the challenges of the climatic crisis and to continue some social purposes that have to do with equity, justice and minorities in the three nations.

In addition to everything mentioned, the leaders also promised to establish actions to combat transnational crime and terrorism, an action that was surely already commented and held yesterday at the dinner they had in the National Palace after the arrest of Ovid Guzmán days.

Now, it is not that it wants Security and cooperation, just what is currently talking about according to the agenda disseminated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for this 2023, where economics, migration and regional policy are priority issues. The same, but with another name.

Thus, it is reflected on the possible advances of this summit, since these will always exist in a balanced way due to the importance of the three nations, however, from the position of Mexico, it is not that it should not participate or move away from She, but must continue looking for other opportunities that allow her to position her as a regional leader understanding that in North America she is a León tail while in Latin America it could be a mouse head. Of course, for this we would have to give up a bit to the American dream where, no matter how much we are told, we know that we are not so much and that we could be more valued in organizations such as CELAC, especially now that Brazil has said that it is reincorpora After the inauguration of Lula a few days ago. It will be necessary to remember that the stars have begun to alienate south.

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