Apple Maps Outperforms Google Maps In US

Apple Maps Outperforms Google Maps In US

Visiting Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Numerama had the opportunity to compare different mapping applications. Apple’s efforts paid off. In cities where Apple Maps is comprehensive, the iPhone software is best.

Mocked at its launch in 2012, Apple Plans (or Apple Maps in original version) is still hotly contested in 2023. The fault of maps that were too imprecise at the start, as well as a presentation that was undoubtedly more confused than with the competition (Google Maps , Waze…). Even today, many iPhone owners swear by Google Maps, which they consider the only viable option for getting around.

However, since 2015, Apple has been increasing its efforts to make its service better. After months of touring France, the Californian brand rolled out its in-house maps in France in July 2022. This has greatly improved the quality of information from Apple Maps, which no longer has much to envy to competition in terms of the reliability of the routes displayed. But changing user habits will take time.

Logically, the United States took a bit of a lead. As early as 2018 in California (and in January 2020 in the rest of the country), Apple began testing its new Apple Maps. The result is striking. In Los Angeles and Las Vegas, the two cities where Numerama visited for CES 2023.

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