Steal, Marry, Compliment – The Most Valuable Tips For The Weekend

Steal, Marry, Compliment – The Most Valuable Tips For The Weekend

This week has not been kind to us. The crimes in Wunstorf and Brokstedt stunned us. It is also extremely difficult for supporters of Ukraine to be happy about an announced delivery of tanks after almost a year of war. And on we will of course also keep you up to date on all further developments at the weekend. Nonetheless, for one newsletter issue, let’s look at some of the more positive aspects of life.

Tip 1: Has anyone told you how great you are today? If not, you should spread our story about successful compliments in your environment. (+) Such kind words sweeten everyday life and have a more lasting effect than flowers, experts say. However, distributing and accepting them is an art. The good news is that it can be trained.

And very important: Please do not take Donald Trump as a guide: his compliment to Emmanuel Macron that his wife was “in great physical shape” was more an expression of stupid sexist amazement than a serious compliment.

Tip 2: Have you ever stolen something in the hotel? If yes, you belong to a majority. In a survey, four out of five people stated that they had checked out at least once with shower gel, shampoo, sewing kits, slippers or similar small items in their luggage. In many cases, this is considered a minor offence: after the items have been used, they have to be disposed of anyway. So there is no trouble here.

But: Mattresses, televisions and complete bathroom fittings are said to have disappeared from the hotel rooms. And that really goes too far, write our professionals from the travel reporter.

Tip 3: Are you married? If not, the prospect of the expected gifts could serve as motivation. The tax office keeps the possibly biggest ones ready – year after year. How high the tax advantage is depends on several factors. Marriage splitting is by far not the only financial advantage of marriage. (+) And of course not the only reason for that.

According to a study by the market research company YouGov, 67 percent of those surveyed see love as the most important reason for marriage. The other third sees more pragmatic reasons for it. Also ok!
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