CBP-One App Deficiencies Criticized

CBP-One App Deficiencies Criticized

Migrants seeking an asylum appointment in the United States through the CBP-ONE Application (APP) demonstrated in front of the Consulate of that country in the city of Tijuana.

Failures in The Application System

They refer to failures in the application system, they mention that they can request the date and time of access to the United States to request asylum, but they never receive confirmation.

“Well, that they respect the first appointment that they gave us, that, if we could get an email, that they tell us that if we can present ourselves like this, because we bring an 88-year-old person and he needs care,” Norma Gerónimo, an asylum seeker, commented to USA

“We stopped from five in the morning until nine in the morning to see if the confirmation reached us, but no, it has not,” added Eduardo Alvarado Ramírez, another asylum seeker to the United States.

In some cases, they are large families, who have been stranded in the city for months and who have insisted on requesting an asylum appointment.

“But since we are 13, he always tells us that we are too many, that we try, that we try, but we already have four times that we have a date, it is the 5th, the 10th, the 11th, the 12th and today too He left us there, we no longer need to send us the check mark (confirmation) but it is that they have already gone four times,” said Kennedy Gerónimo, an asylum seeker to the United States

A young migrant who is waiting for an appointment with his family is the one who has been helping several of the applicants in handling the application and reports that this problem has existed for days.

“They put the day, date and time, then they put confirm, after it comes out that it is already confirmed, but then to confirm the application closes, and then as if wanting to enter it comes out that it is not confirmed, that is, what is happening with the application,” said Carlos Romero, also an Asylum Seeker to the United States.

In the demonstration, about 80 records were delivered to the authorities of the United States Consulate, who promised to notify the Customs and Border Protection area, which is in charge of the platform.

“If we are going to continue like this, the system will be overwhelmed, but not only that, there will be an increase in migrants who will appear on the line, and what we do not want is for them to demonstrate, to block the line and that it is a mess, not because the immigrants want to, but because of the confusion that the CBP system is causing,” said Albert Rivera Colón, Director of the Ágape Shelter.

Apparently the cause of this supposed failure is a consequence of the fact that there are no more appointments available, in a matter of a few days after the CBP One platform was enabled, the appointments ran out and what migrants now have to do is wait for the immigration authorities to Enable new dates to process your requests.

The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Office announced the opening of a new facility in Otay Mesa, California.

The primary purpose of the facility is to safely and expeditiously process individuals in the custody of the United States Border Patrol.

CBP is constantly evaluating operational requirements to determine if additional temporary facilities will be needed.

The new facility on Pogo Road will have a holding capacity of approximately 500 people.

The structure is weather resistant, climate controlled and is expected to provide ample areas for eating, sleeping and personal hygiene.

The design is similar to that of recently built lightweight wall installations.

The temporary 130,786-square-foot facility will provide additional processing capacity for the San Diego sector of Border Patrol.

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