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Young Peoples Addiction to Smartphones

admin- January 4, 2023

Using a smartphone for too long may have harmful consequences. The consequences include reduced physical activity, sleep, cognitive functioning, and interpersonal relationships. Adolescents are at ... Read More

Vaccine plans are professional and good to go — unless Team Biden screws everything up

admin- November 24, 2020

Joe Biden is fearmongering that “more people may die,” because Team Trump hasn’t begun shifting oversight over COVID-19 vaccines to Team Biden: “There was a plan ... Read More

Ginsburg flap shows Supreme Court, justices are too important

admin- September 22, 2020

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died, and the country — or at least its political class — is descending into.. Read More

Iraq makes most politicians look bad. Joe Biden’s record is actually a bit above average.

admin- September 15, 2020

During the Republican National Convention, we heard an argument that will surely resurface this fall.. Read More

We’re trapped in an obscene distortion of democracy. But we don’t have to be: Ellis Cose

admin- September 14, 2020

The United States is a famously and proudly diverse coun­try. But because of the two-senators-per-st.. Read More

The moment when the Justice Department lost the chance to dismiss General Flynn’s case

admin- September 1, 2020

On Monday, the D.C. federal appeals court sent Lt. General Michael Flynns case back where he didnt w.. Read More

Rioting is beginning to turn people off to BLM and protests while Biden has no solution

admin- August 31, 2020

Violence erupted last week in Kenosha, Wisconsin after Jacob Blake was shot in the back by police. T.. Read More

Coronavirus will be with us forever, Sage scientist warns

admin- August 22, 2020

Coronavirus will be present “forever in some form or another”, a member of the government’s Scientif.. Read More

How my family discovered that chickens have chickenality

admin- August 15, 2020

We did not get the chickens because the pandemic was coming. We did not get them to survive what has.. Read More

Lockdown loneliness will affect teenagers mental health

admin- June 12, 2020

Surveys are beginning to shed light on the impact that the lockdowns to contain the spread of COVID-.. Read More